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Sofía Moro

Madrid, 1966.

Sofía Moro is a freelance photographer based in Madrid, Spain.

Since 1996, she has worked with the Spanish daily El País, where she has published several articles about the death penalty in collaboration with the Spanish journalist Álvaro Corcuera. And collaborates with many Spanish and international magazines. Moro is known especially for her incisive and moving portrait work of artists, musicians, writers, political activists and politicians.

A passion for social justice and striving for human rights inform Moro’s personal projects. She collaborates with multiple NGOs like Amnesty International, Doctors without borders, Red Acoge, Fundación Vicente Ferrer, ARMH, Médicos del Mundo... She has been awarded a FotoPres grant in 1999 and was garlanded with the first prize for portraits by FotoNikon in 2009. In 2016 she received a Leonardo grant from the BBVA foundation to finish her work about the death penalty in five different countries: USA, Japan, Belarus, Malawi and Iran. The result of that is the book
Who deserves to die? published in 2018.

Main publications

Universo Mestizo
Lunwerg Ed., 2003

Ellos y Nosotros
Art Blume, 2006
A photobook about the people who fought on opposite sides during the Spanish Civil War. It was exhibited in Mexico and in Spain.

Órbigo: Invierno
MUSAC, 2007

Defensores, el testimonio obstinado
Amnesty International, 2008
Captures the images of Human Rights Defenders around the world. This was exhibited in Spain and Swizerland.

Su coraje. Nuestro compromiso
Red Acoge, 2014
This work tells the stories of 16 immigrant people who have suffered discrimination of any kind in Spain.

Sofía Moro. PHotoBolsillo
La Fábrica, 2012

Diccionario de fotógrafos españoles
La Fábrica, 2013

Todas direcciones
Phree, 2014

El Diari Indultat
3263827 Books & Prints, 2016

50 fotografías con historia
Signo, 2017

¿Quién merece morir?
Phree, 2018

Madrid, 2018.


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